2001 Bronze Pyramid Award
International Award Category: Sales Incentive Programs 
($10 or more Per Recipient)

Client: Dr Pepper Company

To increase the volume of Dr Pepper sales in convenience stores by 10% using of sales aids found in Dr Pepper's 2000 Merchandising Display Catalog.
Strategy & Execution:
Promotion of the "Pepper The Store" catalog program occurred through the spring and summer of 2000 to regional sales managers.

Managers who returned enrollment forms by the requested deadline were awarded imprinted sport shirts along with catalogs to be used for ordering the program's merchandise and a promotional poster featuring prizes that could be on during the campaign.

As managers ordered merchandising items from the catalog and placed them in their stores, they accumulated points which could be redeemed for prizes through a convenient Interactive Voice Response System.

The excellent communication of the program, the clarity of the rules and guidelines, along with the well-chosen gifts created such a successful promotion that the next round of the program has its own momentum. Stores and bottlers who didn't participate the first time around are already making inquires about the 2001 launch.

Not only did 78% of Program Managers participate in the promotion, they enrolled early! This well orchestrated campaign ultimately lead to a 33% increase in sales--well over the 10% target.

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