1995 Bronze Pyramid Award
International Award Category: Goodwill Programs 
(More than $10 Per Recipient)

Client: GTE Telephone Operations

To provide reinforcement for a sales-orientation meeting.
Strategy & Execution:
GTE planned a conference to introduce its top sales engineers to new products designed for the health-care market. The roll-out featured the theme "Telemedicine: The New Rx." When the sales personnel all arrived, they found in their hotel rooms miniature doctor's bags and a red bandanna and jar of hot sauce to convey the spirit of the event and its Texas location.  At registration, briefcases containing product information, pens and pencils were issued. A key element of the conference was team-building.  Sweaters identifying the Health Care Team were worn at meetings. Speakers representing different vendors and industry specialists were awarded plaques for their participation.
The promotional products contributed to the success of the conference, which received an Excellent-Good rating from 87.8 percent of the attendees.

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